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Mission Statement

MYKC focuses on providing transformational and life saving modalities to enrich our community through intentional living, mindfulness, meditation, self-care, and a healthy lifestyle to support being the best version of one’s self.




Healing Energy

Unconditional Love


Giving Back

Your contribution provides people in our community that are in need with financial assistance and yoga/meditation related benefits including Veterans, Essential Workers and Department of Corrections Personnel. We deeply believe that we can have an impact in their life through the gifting of Yoga Kits, journals, and free classes to assist them with the healing they need. 

44 Veterans commit suicide daily and your contribution truly helps transform and save lives of Veterans, Essential Workers and Department of Correction Personnel. 

Your contribution is always 100% tax deductible 

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2023 Operating Expense $16,100

$3,000 - Six month membership for 20 participants to Asset Performance Institute. Asset Performance Institute, LLC is excited to partner with MYKC to provide a health and wellness program rooted in physical fitness and exercise. Community members who are approved by MYKC through their application process, are awarded a Six (6) month membership. This membership will include our full offerings and custom programming to increase their physical well-being. Our main focus is to increase resiliency, mental health, and physical health. We believe, with the multitude of science backed interventional (clinical trials) research studies, that exercise decreases depression, anxiety, and PTSD. One study, showed that participants who exercised 4 times per week over just an 8-week program period, for a minimum of 30-45 minutes pre sessions “ and morbid thoughts, even at baseline.” (Ramirez et al.). This control group had 30% less individuals experiencing morbid thoughts and the same reduction in depression. Exercise works. For more information on our offerings and any questions, decreases severity of depression please contact David Bellis at You can also view information about API at We are honored and thankful for the opportunity to help our community and serve those that have served us. We are extremely grateful for MYKC and all they have done for us and our community. We offer professional coaching and App-based programs to our members along with direct communication to our Founder and Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach. We have levels of programming for all individuals. If the community member awarded a membership has Low-level to No-level of fitness knowledge and needs support, we can accommodate and currently offer a specified program for those individuals. If the member is highly active, we absolutely can challenge them, help them grow, and achieve new levels of fitness.

$1,200 - Community Text Software Platform - This platform is utilized for daily inspirational text messages, updates on community events, and newsletters and is an opportunity to connect with the community through technology. Please text ‘Inspire’ to join (918) 262-5195

$9,600 - Warrior Yoga Essential Kits - Manduka Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps, Blankets and The MYKC Self Care Journal for each participant attending Warriors’ Ascent during the 2023 calendar year (estimate of 120 attendees).


$3,500 - 4 Indoor Climbing Events and 4 Outdoor Climbing Events - Climbing can help to reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, along with increasing mental focus. Climbing helps to keep you in the moment and mindful of your movement. While climbing many participants experience active meditation when planning your next moves. Climbing also helps build a level of trust and intimacy with your partner as you rely on each other for safety.

MYKC 2023 Community Outreach programs $100K


$100,000 - Community Retreat Center - Located in North Eastern Oklahoma. The vision is to create a space open to the community for mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and workshops. The goal is to fund this space to provide a path of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The space will be open weekly offering a space for mindfulness, meditation, a walk in the labyrinth, and time around the fire pit. Once this space is finished, MYKC will host monthly sunrise to sunset retreats over various topics including Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, talks over Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Care, Sleep, Exercise, Ayurveda, Healthy Boundaries, Turning Conflict Into Intimacy, and other talks. 

  • Structure cost and delivery $50,000

  • Foundation $7,000

  • Build out $20,000

  • Electrical $13,000

  • Plumbing including septic $10,000

  • Click here for renderings



MYKC Community Connection

Every Sunday · 3:30 – 4:30pm CST

Zoom Link

Registration not required


Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra is a guided meditation class where you lay in a comfortable position for an entire hour. Feel free to bring any items that will provide additional comfort including blankets, pillows, etc. During this class you will feel a reduction in stress and PTS symptoms and reach a state of bliss.

This is a free class available to the entire community located at The Heartland Retreat Center in Genesis Hall.

Thu, March 30, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Event Details


Community Connection 

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What is mindfulness?

The two major elements of mindfulness are acceptance and awareness.

Benefits of mindfulness

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Increases creativity

  • Reduces pain

  • Increases congnitvie  functions

  • Breaks bad habits

  • Increase relationship satisfaction

What to remove

  • Social Media

  • Advertising

  • Media

  • Social Comparisons 

  • What is distracting you from being present?

  • Stress - financial, personally, professional, political

What to add

  • Journaling - get to the “Why?”

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Calming Environment

  • Positive People

  • Nature

"Yoga is a way of life, not just the hour you spend on the mat.

The hour on the mat prepares you for the twenty-three hours off the mat."

Kerry Steuart, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

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