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I started my yoga journey with a practice of mindfulness and meditation and what I discovered was that for the first time in a long time I felt calm and relaxed.  I would pause any time during the day when a trigger or any type of anxiety occurred and perform a meditation practice.  I had this practice for four months before I even stepped into a yoga studio.  Mediation and mindfulness does two things for us each and every day.  First, it allows us to realize the things in our life that we are doing well and secondly, those things in our life that need work.  A meditation and mindfulness practice is truly for everyone and it transforms our life from the inside out.



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MYKC provides life transformational and life saving modalities to our community.

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My name is Joshua Johnson. I served 10 years in the US Army with about half in the 82nd Airborne where I served as a Combat Infantryman and the rest was in service for the Missouri National Guard. I Deployed to Iraq in 2008-2009. After leaving active duty I became a Firefighter/Paramedic. In 2019 I attended Warriors Ascent where I met Kerry and was introduced to mindfulness and meditation. Those two principles were some of the key elements into helping me process a lot of stressful events from both careers. I became avid in rock climbing around this time as well. Climbing opened up a world of active meditation and a way for me to be more present in the moment. I hope to pass on to the world some of the gifts that climbing has given me. A way to maintain fitness, a way to process difficult times, and just the healing aspects of being in nature. It is my goal to help give back to the veteran, LEO, EMS, and Fire communities through guided trips at a gym or outdoors. I want to give people a healthy outlet for stress relief, personal growth, and overcoming difficulties. I want to help facilitate normalizing dialogue about our mental health and needs and build a community that helps to lift each other up and cross jurisdictional boundaries in us having others to talk to if we need support. 


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